The Casual Sexists - 'Your Prescription Is Ready'

Released 7th May '21 on It's Hurting My Feelings


Harnessing the absurdity and anxiety of death, technology, addiction, fear, and an innately human desire for order, pop’s most charming parasitic insects, The Casual Sexists, fly forth with their most ambitious project yet: a full-length album.

Conceived during the nuclear winter of Trump-blighted America, birthed amidst the sprawling horror of COVID-19, and released wild-eyed into the concussed wasteland of 2021, 'Your Prescription Is Ready' finds transatlantic couple Varrick & Ed Zed scouring this ravaged landscape for traces of meaning, from the dancefloor to the graveside.

The component parts of the album's sonic exoskeleton are manifold - punk, post-punk, dancehall and dub all make their presence known - but The Casual Sexists’ unique brand of fractured pop is what glows at its core, radiating neon pulses throughout every song.

Whether exploring the double life of an infamous neo-nazi, the despair and perverse exhilaration of human mortality, or an ostensibly simple affection for geometric shapes, the Casuals’ customary dry humor is never far from the surface.

At a time when the world is in dire need of an antidote, The Casual Sexists have your prescription at the ready. Enjoy their nerve-damaged dance with glorious abandon.

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The Casual Sexists' biography:

The Casual Sexists are a British/American duo based in Brooklyn, comprised of married couple Varrick and Ed Zed. They began life in London sometime prior to the absurd advent of Brexit, eventually relocating to NYC in time to experience the cockroach presidency of one DJ Trump.

Strung out on an unhealthy diet of dub, synthpop, woozy techno and the angular side of punk, The Casual Sexists craft fractured pop music out of household objects, grubby synths, and the various ills of modern life. 

The band sing of disillusionment and dismay, but always with the wry sense of humour that is their trademark.

Their mocking moniker was chosen as an ironic reference to Varrick and Ed’s status as a young married couple, and as a way to confront the casual sexism still so woefully ever-present in our quaint old world - a theme that recurs frequently in The Casual Sexists' work. 

Varrick and Ed's debut album 'Your Prescription Is Ready' was made flesh amidst the maelstrom of COVID-19, nationwide protest and the fall of Trump, and will be released into the wilds of our new world in spring of 2021. 

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